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Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji is one of most regarded saints of Sikh history. His guardian, Bhai Bhagtu Ji and Mata Jeonee Ji, existed in the town of Pahuwind, Amritsar, India. They were dedicated Sikh agriculturists yet had not been honored with any kids. A Sikh paragon of piety let them know one day that they might have an extraordinary youngster whom they ought to name Deep (importance one who gives light). Baba Deep Singh Ji was destined to them on January 26, 1682 (14 Maagh Sunmat 1739). Since Deep was a just tyke, his guardian raised him with much commitment and friendship. At the age of twelve, Baba Deep Singh Ji went with his guardian to Anandpur Sahib to meet Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth Sikh master. They stayed at Anandpur Sahib for a few days, doing seva (administration) with the Sikh group. The point when his guardian were primed to come back to their town, Guru Gobind Singh Ji asked Baba Deep Singh Ji to stay with him. He unassumingly acknowledged Guru Ji's charge and started serving him. While at Anandpur Sahib, Baba Deep Singh Ji researched Sikh theory and Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh heavenly book of scriptures. He took in gurmukhi (Punjabi script) and a few different dialects. Master Gobind Singh Ji additionally taught him horseback riding, chasing and arms preparing. At the age of eighteen, he gained amrit (sacred water) from Guru Ji on Vaisakhi. As an amritdhari Sikh, Baba Deep Singh Ji took a promise to serve as God's fighter - Sikhs are to dependably help the frail and poor, and to battle for truth and equity. Baba Deep Singh Ji soon turned into one of Guru Gobind Singh Ji's most dearest Sikhs. Baba Deep Singh Ji stayed in Guru Gobind Singh Ji's administration for about eight years. At Guru Ji's solicitation, he came back to his town to help his guardian. A year after his come back to Pahuwind, a Sikh emissary touched base from Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Baba Deep Singh Ji was told that Guru Ji had left his post in Anandpur Sahib in the wake of battling with the Hindu mount rajas for six months. He likewise discovered that the Guru's four children and his mother, Mata Gujri, had all gotten divided. After listening to such discouraging news, Baba Deep Singh Ji instantly left Pahuwind to meet Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Baba Deep Singh Ji met Guru Gobind Singh Ji again at Damdama Sahib in Talwandi. Here, he discovered that two of the Guru' children, Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh, had lost their lives in the clash of Chamkaur. Master Ji additionally let him know that his two more youthful children, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh, were brutally killed at the city of Sirhind under the requests of the Muslim senator, Wazir Khan.


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