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There are a few favorable days in the Vedic or Vaisnava calander year to pay tribute to mother Ganga's side interests. They are Aksaya-trtiya, Ganga-saptami, otherwise called Jahnu-saptami, Ganga-dushara, otherwise called Sri Ganga-puja, and Sri Ganga Sagara Mela.

Aksaya-trtiya shows up in the month of Vaisakha (April/May) on the third day of Sukla-paksa, or the waxing fortnight of the full moon. In the Matsya Purana, as cited from the Sri Hari-bhakti-vilasa, the accompanying is expressed: "On the third day of the brilliant a large portion of the month Vaisakha, the Supreme Lord Janardana made the grain of grain, began the cycle of Satya-yuga, and made Tripathaga Ganga desend to the earth from Brahmaloka."

Ganga-saptami or Jahnu-saptami additionally shows up in the month of Vaisakha on the seventh day of Sukla-paksa, or the waxing fortnight of the full moon. After Ganga desended onto the Himalayas, the waterway entered the conciliatory stadium of Jahnu Rsi and aggravated his reflection. As expressed in the Padma Purana, Patala-khanda 85.49: "Some time ago on the seventh day of the brilliant a large portion of Vaisakha, Ganga was tanked through annoyance of Jahnu, and let out from the pit of his right ear. "Likewise in the Narada Purana, Uttara-bhaga 41-37: "It was on the seventh day in the splendid a large portion of the month of Vaisakha that the Ganga was smashed up by Jahnu Rsi out of displeasure and push off later on through his right ear. "There are different records in regards to how Jahnu discharged Ganga. In this way, Ganga additionally got known as Jahnavi, or the desendant of Jahnu.

Ganga-dushara (she who evacuates foreboding) or Sri Ganga-puja shows up in the month of Jyestha (May/June) on the tenth day of Sukla-paksa,or the waxing fortnight of the full moon.on this day,maharaj Bhagiratha's longing of bringing Ganga to this mortal world was at long last satisfied as the sacrosanct stream plummeted from Lord Siva's honored head at Mount Kailasa.the waterway Ganga then moved through the Himalayas behind Maharaja Bhagiratha's chariot and passed through Jahnu Rsi's asrama.afterwards,he sucessfully headed Ganga to Rasatala,in the more level planetary system,to free the sixty thousand children of King expressed in the Narada Purana,uttara-bhaga 40.21: "It was on the tenth day in the brilliant a large portion of the month Jyestha,when the day of the week was Tuesday and the star grouping was Hasta,ganga slid to the mortal world." Ganga is otherwise called Bhagirathi,or the relative of Bhagiratha.

Sri Ganga-sagara Mela happens on Makarasankranti,or when the Sun enters Capricorn,which typically falls on the fourteenth of January each year.this celebration is said to remember the day when Maharaj Bhagiratha headed the Ganga to Rasatala to free the children of King Sagara.the celebration is seen at a few areas on the banks of Ganga,but particularly at the conjunction of the Ganga and the Bay of Bengal,where Kapila Muni's asrama is spotted.

As indicated by the neighborhood custom in the Rishikesh area,ganga-saptami is praised as the day Ganga plunged from paradise to earth.ganga-dushara,also known as Ganga-dasahara,marks the day the Ganga arrived at the fields of India at Haridvara. Ganga-dasahara signifies "Ganga destorys ten", so fans bathe in the Ganga ten days before this day which demolishes the transgressions of ten lifetimes.

The Narada Purana depicts when and where Ganga shows herself inside the three planetary frameworks throughout the Vedic calander month: "To start with of the dim a large portion of the month, Ganga is available on the earth for ten days finishing with holy Amavasya (New Moon) day. From the first to the tenth of the brilliant 50% of the month, she is available in the netherworlds. Starting with the eleventh day in the brilliant half and completion with the fifth day oblivious half, she is constantly display in paradise for ten days."



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