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Kamada Ekadashi in 2021 ยป   23 April

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Celebrated In: India
Celebrated By: (Hindu)
Once Yudhishthira Maharaja said, 'Gracious Lord Krishna, Oh Vasudeva, please acknowledge my humble obeisance's. Kindly portray to me the Ekadashi that happens throughout the light a piece of the month of Chaitra . What is its name, and what are its glories  
Ruler Shri Krishna answered, 'Goodness Yudhishthira, please hear me out mindfully as I relate the antiquated history of this consecrated Ekadashi, a history Vasishtha Muni once identified with King Dilipa, the extraordinary granddad of Lord Ramachandra. 
Ruler Dilipa asked the extraordinary sage Vasishtha, "Goodness savvy brahman, I wish to catch wind of the Ekadashi that comes throughout the light a piece of the month of Chaitra. If its not too much trouble depict it to me." 
Vasishtha Muni answered, "Goodness ruler, your request is glories. Readily should I let you know what you wish to know. The Ekadashi that happens throughout the light fortnight of Chaitra is named Kamada Ekadashi. It expends all transgressions. It is extremely cleansing, and it presents the most noteworthy legitimacy to one who loyally watches it. Goodness ruler, now hear an antiquated history which is meritorious to the point that it uproots all one's transgressions essentially by being listened. 
Once, long back, there was a city named Ratnapura and King Pundarika was its ruler. It had for the most part Gandharvas, Kinnaras, and Apsaras around its natives. 
Around the Gandharvas were Lalit and his wife Lalita, who was an  dazzling couple. These two were seriously pulled in to one another. Lalita adored her spouse beyond all doubt, and in like manner he always thought about her inside his heart. They were connected. 
Once, in the court of King Pundarika, numerous Gandharvas were singing, Lalit was one around them. While singing Lalit  couldn't help contemplating his dearest, and on account of this preoccupation he lost track of the tune's song. Lalit sang the tune dishonorably, and one of the jealous snake named kakort who was in participation at the ruler's court griped to the lord that Lalit ws lost in the prospect's of his wife that is on account of he lost track and sang shamefully. The ruler got angry after listening to this, and he yelled, 'Gracious stupid scoundrel, on the grounds that you were salaciously thinking about a lady rather than respectfully thinking about your lord as you performed your court obligations, I condemnation you to immediately turn into a Demon !, a man-consuming evil presence with a scared apperance. 
Lalit promptly turned into a frightful Demon. His arms were eight miles in length, his mouth was as large as an immense cavern, his eyes were as marvelous as the sun and moon, his nostrils looked like tremendous pits in the earth, his neck was a veritable mountain, his hips were four miles wide, and his enormous body stood a full sixty-four miles high. Therefore poor Lalit, the Gandharva artist, needed to endure the response of his offense against King Pundarika. 
Seeing her spouse enduring as a repulsive beast, Lalita got overpowered with sadness. She thought, 'Now that my dear spouse is enduring the impacts of the rulers' condemnation, what is left for me? What would it be advisable for me to do? Where if I go?' along  these  lines Lalita lamented day and night. As opposed to getting a charge out of life as a Gandharvas wife, she meandered all around in the thick wilderness with her spouse, who had fallen totally under the spell of the lord's condemnation. He meandered erratically crosswise over prohibiting district, an once-lovely Gandharva now diminished to the  conduct of a man-eater. 
One day, while meandering in the wilderness, Lalita met  the sage Shringi . He was sitting on the crest of the Vindhyachala Hmountain. Approaching him, she instantly offered the austere her aware obeisance's. The sage perceived her bowing down before him and said, 'Who are you and why have you come here? Why you look so desolate. Kindly let me know everything in truth.' 
Lalita answered, 'Goodness Brahmana,  my name is Lalita. I meander in  the wilderness with my dear spouse, whom King Pundarika has reviled to turn into a man-consuming evil presence. I am incredibly distressed to see him like this. Goodness Saint, please let me know how I can perform some demonstration of penance for my spouse. By what means would I be able to free him from this wicked structure, please help me. The sage answered, 'There is an Ekadashi named Kamada that happens in the light fortnight of the month of Chaitra. It is heading up soon. Whoever fasts on this day has all his longings satisfied. On the off chance that you watch this Ekadashi quick as per its manages and regulations and give the legitimacy you therefore acquire from your quick to your spouse, he will be liberated from the condemnation immediately.'  
Lalita loyally watched the quick of Kamada Ekadashi as per the guidelines of the sage Shringi, and on Dvadasi she showed up before him and the Deity of Lord Vasudeva and said, 'I have steadfastly watched the quick of Kamada Ekadashi. By the legitimacy earned through my recognition of this quick, let my spouse be free from the condemnation that has transformed him into a mammoth. Might the legitimacy I have picked up therefore free him from his hopelessness.'  
Also Lalita's  spouse, who stood adjacent, was on the double liberated from the lord's condemnation. He instantly recaptured his unique structure as the Gandharva Lalit, a good looking superb artist enhanced with numerous lovely adornments. This was finished by the force and wonderfulness of Kamada Ekadashi. Finally the Gandharva couple prepared to leave a heavenly plane and climbed to paradise. 
Master Sri Krishna proceeded, 'Goodness Yudhishthira!, any individual who hears this story ought to surely watch heavenly Kamada Ekadashi to the best of his capacity, such extraordinary legitimacy does it present to the unwavering aficionado. I have hence portrayed its glories to you for the profit of all mankind.

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