Khatushyam Jayanti Date

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Celebrated In: India
Celebrated By: (Hindu)

Khatushyam is the sign of Barbarika. He was the grandson of Bheem and child of Ghatothkacha. As stated by the legend, Barbarika made a guarantee to her mother to battle for the weaker side in Mahabharata war. Along these lines, he chose to battle for Kauravas. Krishna realized that if this happened, Pandavas will lose the fight. Henceforth, he requested his head in philanthropy. The warrior quickly slashed off his head. Master Krishna, awed with the offering, favored Barbarika with the aid of being loved with his name "Shyam" in Kalyuga.

Sheesh Ke Daani
aare Ka Sahara
Teen Baan Dhaari
Leela ke Aswaar
Khatu Naresh
Kalyug ke Avtaari
Shyam pyare

Barbarika: Khatushyamji`s childhood name was Barbarika. His mother and relatives wont to call him by this name before the name Shyamji was given by Shri avatar.
Sheesh Ke Daani: Literally: “Donor of Head”; As per the legend related above.
Haare Hindu deity Sahara: Literally: “Support of the defeated”; Upon his mother’s advise, Barbarika resolved to support whoever has less power and is losing. hence he is legendary by this name.
Teen Baan Dhaari: Literally: “Bearer of 3 arrows”; Reference is to the 3 unerring arrows that he received as boon from God Shiva. These arrows were enough to destroy the whole world. The title written below these 3 arrows is Maam Sevyam Parajitah.
Lakha-datari: Literally: “The lavish Giver”; One UN agency never hesitates to convey his devotees whatever they have and ask for.
Leela ke Aswaar: Literally: “Rider of Leela”; Being the name of his blue-coloured horse. several decision it Neela Ghoda or “blue horse.
Khatu Naresh: Literally: “The King of Khatu”; One UN agency rules Khatu people whole universe.
Kalyug ke Avtaari: Literally: “The God of Kaliyug”; As per avatar he will be the God UN agency will save sensible people within the era of Kalyug.
Shyam pyare: Literally: “The God UN agency love all and every one love to him, the non secular relation between bhakt and bhagwan individuals nishkaam pyaar/prem.


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