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The Magh (Kumbh) Mela is one of the best yearly religious issues for Hindus. Hindu mythology acknowledges the birthplace of the Magh Mela to be the start of the Universe.

A critical event, the Magh (Kumbh) Mela is held consistently on the banks of Triveni Sangam (the intercection of the three extraordinary streams Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati) in Prayag close Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. As per the customary Hindu logbook followed in North India, this blessed reasonable is composed consistently throughout the Hindu month of Magh (comparing to mid January - mid February of the Gregorian timetable); consequently the name.

The Magh Mela is, then again, not limited just to the month of Magh and the paramount showering dates are spread over a time of 45 days. The Magh Mela is really a littler rendition of Kumbh Mela.

 Hence it is otherwise called little Kumbh Mela. Consistently, the Magh Mela begins upon the arrival of Makkar Sankranti in January, which is the first imperative showering day as indicated by the religious Hindu logbook.

 It starts with multitudes of travelers taking a heavenly dip at the Sangam on propitious dates. Countless touch base here every year and stay in temporary houses or tents at the Sangam, using the whole month of Magh in requests to God. This period is known as "Kalpvas".

 Those who religiously watch the "Kalpvas" are known as "Kalpvasis". The antiquated Hindu Vedas notice a "Kalp" to be the period equivalent to the aggregate number of years in the four yugas - Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyug. This indicates a few a large number of years.

It is said that by devoutly watching a "Kalpavas", a fan beats the transgressions in his/her past conception and getaways the cycle of Janma(birth) and Karma (movements). Throughout every day of the Magh Mela, a Kalpvasi need to take a dip at the Ganges on dawn imploring the climbing sun. Lion's share of the Kalpvasis share just a dinner a day.

 After watching 12 Kalpavas, a Kalpavasi need to give his/her overnight boardinghouse his paraphernalia. The Uttar Pradesh government yearly makes exceptional game plans for the enthusiasts throughout this time. A more amazing number of transports utilize to let the travelers have their adventure in peace and without any disservice.

A township of tents uncommonly come up on the banks of the Sangam to give haven to the going to millions who turn up from everywhere throughout the nation. Satisfactory therapeutic and security courses of action are made to maintain a strategic distance from any untoward occurrences.

Lost and Found camps are likewise situated up and manned by the neighborhood police to avoid anybody getting absent throughout the times of the reasonable. Each twelfth year, the Magh Mela is converted into the Kumbha Mela. Uttar Pradesh is overflowed with a huge number of explorers who land here throughout this time to go to this stupendous occasion.


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