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The festival of Prophet's birthday is accepted to have its causes on the eighth century when the Prophet Muhammad's introduction to the world house was changed over into a house of request to God by Al-Khayzuran. Al-Khayzuran was the mother of a caliph, Harun-al-Rashid. Initially, the celebration was praised by the Shias. Hundreds of years prior, the day was praised with creature presents and immense parades throughout the day which climaxed by a discourse by the rulers. Endowments were likewise offered to those in force.

It was some place in the twelfth century that the Sunnis received this celebration, in spite of the fact that with an alternate date. In spite of the fact that the festival of the celebration was met with some safety in the Sunnis, the celebration came to be received in substantial numbers by the fifteenth century and by the start of the twentieth century, it started to be seen as a national occasion in numerous locales of the world.

The Milad un Nabi or Malwid is praised in diverse routes in distinctive parts of the world. Case in point, in Pakistan, it is praised with the raising of the national banner on national landmarks took after by a firearm salute at sunrise. In some different parts of the world, the celebration is seen with extensive parades and a jamboree like climate. There is an environment of bonhomie and individuals might be seen trading endowments and conveying sustenance to poor people. The day is praised with the offering of requests to God by thousands in mosques and the mosques being enriched with lights. This is an open occasion in the majority of the Muslim nations.


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