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Papankusha Ekadashi 2021 in 2021 ยป   16 October

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Celebrated In: India
Celebrated By: (Hindu)

Yudhishthira maharaj said, Oh Madhusudana, what is the name of the Ekadasii that comes throughout the light fortnight of the month of Ashvina (September - October)? It would be ideal if you try to remain kind and reveal this truth to me. The Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna answered, Goodness ruler, please listen as I illustrate the glories of this Ekadasi- Papankusha Ekadasi - which uproots all wrongdoings. On this the very first moment ought to love the Deity of Padmanabha, the lotus naveled Lord Vishnu, as indicated by the standards of archana viddhi (regulations). By so doing, one attains whatever glorious joys one may need in this world, and finally accomplishes liberation from this world from there on. Basically by offering ones unassuming obeisances unto Lord Vishnu, the rider of Garuda, one can accomplish the same legitimacy as is picked up by performing incredible compensations for quite a while controlling and controlling the faculties. In spite of the fact that an individual may have conferred boundless and accursed sins,

he can at present getaway terrible discipline simply by paying his obeisances to Lord Sri Hari, the taker away of all wrongdoing.The benefits picked up by going on journey to the Holy Tirthas of this natural planet can additionally be accomplished essentially by droning the Holy names of Lord Vishnu. Whosoever serenades these sacrosanct names -, for example, Rama, Vishnu, Janardana or Krishna - particularly on Ekadasi, never sees Yamaraj, the lord of deaths rebuffing house. Nor does such a lover who fasts on Papankusha Ekadasi, which is unforgettable to Me, see that plutonic residence.the Vaishnava who reprimands Lord Shiva and the Shaivite (Saivite) who censures Me absolutely go to damnation.

The legitimacy acquired by performing one hundred steed presents and one hundred Rajasurya offerings is not even equivalent to one sixteenth of the legitimacy a fan can accomplish by fasting on Ekadasi. There is no higher justify one can accomplish than that achieved by fasting on Ekadasi. Surely, nothing in all the three planets is as satisfying or as equipped to cleanse one of gathered sin as Ekadasi, the day of the lotus-naveled Lord, Padmanabha. O ruler, until an individual watches a quick upon the arrival of Lord Padmanabha named Papankusha Ekadasi, he stays corrupt, and the responses of his past evil exercises never abandon him like a pure wife. There is no legitimacy in all the three planets that can match the legitimacy that one additions by watching a quick on this Ekadasi. Whosoever watches it dependably never need to see demise exemplified, Lord Yamaraj. One who wishes liberation, height to the sky, great wellbeing, delightful ladies, riches, and nourishment grains ought to essentially quick on this Pashunkusha Ekadasi. O lord, not, one or the other the Ganges, Gaya, Kashi, nor Pushkara, nor even the Holy site of Kurukshetra, can allow to the extent that legitimacy as this Papankusha Ekadasi.

O Maharaj Yudhishthira, defender of the earth, in the wake of watching Ekadasi throughout the daytime, the lover ought to remain astir as the night progressed, ingested in hearing, droning and serving the ruler - for by so doing he effortlessly accomplishes the Supreme habitation Lord Vishnu.

That, as well as ten eras of precursors on his mothers side, ten eras on his fathers side, and ten eras on his wifes side are all freed by a solitary recognition of a quick on this Ekadasi. All these predecessors accomplish their unique, four furnished transcendental Vaikuntha structures. Wearing yellow articles of clothing and wonderful wreaths, they ride to the profound domain on the once more of Garuda, the prestige incredible adversary of the snakes. This is the invocation My aficionado procures basically by watching one Papankusha Ekadasi appropriately.

O best of lords, whether one is a youngster, an adolescent, or in maturity, fasting on Papankusha Ekadasi liberates him from all transgressions and makes him invulnerable to torment a horrible resurrection. Whosoever watches a quick on the Papankusha Ekadasi gets free of all his wrongdoings and comes back to the otherworldly habitation Lord Sri Hari. Whosoever gives gold, sesame seeds, rich area, dairy animals, grain, drinking water, an umbrella, or a couple of shoes on this most favorable of Holy days will never need to visit the dwelling place Yamaraj, who dependably rebuffs the heathens. In any case if an occupant of earth neglects to perform otherworldly deeds, particularly the recognition of a quick on days, for example, Ekadasi, his breathing is said to be no better, or of to the extent that as the breathing/puffing of a metal forgers cries.

O best of the lords, particularly on this Papankusha Ekadasi, even the poor ought to first bathe and after that provide for some philanthropy as per their methods, and perform different promising exercises as per their capacity. Whosoever performs relinquishes and profits the individuals, or constructs open lakes, resting places, enclosures, or houses does not endure the disciplines of Yamaraj. Undoubtedly, one ought to comprehend that an individual much have performed such devout exercises as these in the past life on the off chance that he is perpetual, well off, of high conception, or free from all infections.

Yet an individual who watches Papankusha Ekadasi goes to the residence the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vishnu. Ruler Sri Krishna then closed, Thus, Oh righteous Yudhishthira, I have described to you the glories of the promising Papankusha Ekadasi.Thus closes the portrayal of the glories of the Papankusha Ekadasi, or Ashwina-shukla Ekadasi, from the Brahma-vaivarta Purana.


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