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Baba Sodal Mela is a standout amongst the most paramount fairs in Punjab, composed to pay reverence to Baba Sodal, an extraordinary soul. Every year, the Mela is sorted out in the month of Bhadon, in Jalandhar a standout amongst the most paramount urban areas of the north Indian state of Punjab. The reasonable especially happens on the fourteenth day of Shukal Paksh and is went to by many explorers. Lovers assemble from all around India to pay a tribute to their divinity. 
Legend of Baba Sodal 
Legend says that Baba Sodal took conception in the Chadha group of Khatri position, in the city of Jalandhar and there are different stories connected with him. One of the stories goes that when he was a little kid he generally used to take after his mother to the lake where she did washing inspite of the way that he got chiding from her. When she got to be exceptionally furious and reviled him to essentially go away. He requested that her rehash it thrice. When she finished in this way, he vanished into the lake, never to be discovered again. This very day is commended as a Mela. 
An alternate legend says that when the urban areas of Punjab were reviled, Baba Sodal took the manifestation of a blessed snake and educated about his goodbye from the mortal world. He wanted the individuals from Chadha and Anand families to acknowledge his re-encapsulation and offer him Mathi or Topa. He announced just the parts of Chadha tribe could expend topa. Consistently, on Amawasya (no-moon night) before the Sodal Mela, the head of Chadha Clan visits the lake to concentrate mud 14 times for their children. 
Religious imperativeness and Celebration 
Mud is concentrated with a conviction that if this is carried out Baba Ji will show up upon the arrival of Trydashi (thirteenth of neighborhood month). Kasar is made and is likewise offered 14 times gradually. On Chaturdarshi (fourteenth day), the Chadha faction consumes just singed nourishment. On the prior night the reasonable, the entire Chadha tribe sows "Khetri" for the sake of Baba Sodal, as a conventional so that the faction remains upbeat and prosperous. 
The devotees of Sikhism consider this day, an extremely propitious one. The reasonable happens on the Samadhi of the Baba, where his painted representation is put beautified with rosaries and blossoms. Close-by is Baba Sodal ka Sarovar, a blessed tank. Individuals take a dunk in the heavenly waters of the Sarovar and present offerings on the Samadhi. 
The day is extraordinary for the females too as they look for the gifts from Baba for their kids and their families. Prasad is additionally offered at the Samadhi.

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