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Trilokpur really remains on a segregated rise about 24 kms toward south-west Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. Trilokpur is a rocky spot placed at an elevation of 430 m. It is extremely prominent for its sanctuary of famous god Bala Sundri. Then again, event of the well known Trilokpur Fair consistently is extremely unmistakable around the locals and even guests. The saying Trilokpur signifies that there is an enormous triangle of 3 Shakti altars in the territory, each one connoting distinctive countenances of god Durga. The chief sanctuary found at Trilokpur is the sanctum of Bhagwati Bala Sundri. It portrays an engaging youth picture of god Durga. One more Shakti Temple committed to Bhagwati Lalita Devi, depicting an alternate picture of divinity Durga, is spotted on a hummock arranged at a separation of 3 kms from the principle asylum of Bhagwati Bala Sundri. 
The third famous 'Shakti sanctuary' of noticeable 'Tripur Bhairavi' is spotted 13 kms toward north-west Bala Sundri hallowed place. Besides, the prestigious Mata Trilokpur Devi Temple was really fabricated under the rule of Raja Dip Prakash. The sanctuary was created in 1573. Some verifiable portrayals say that the Devi's "pindi" (a blessed stone, saw as an indication of the divinity) had really showed up in a sack of salt purchased by a neighborhood trader. The acclaimed Trilokpur Fair is held twice a year to respect Mata Trilokpur Devi Temple. Lakhs of pioneers from all over India really slide to Trilokpur to take animated part in the festivals of Trilokpur Fair. 
History of Trilokpur Fair 
As stated by some verifiable portrayals, a magnetic image of the divinity Bala Sundri as a consecrated stone was investigated in a holder of salt. The holder was secured by a neighborhood merchant called Ram Das. The quirk of the salt was that it was left unexhausted, however Ram Das sold the salt for the full day. The divinity, in Ram Das' dream trained him to build a sanctuary and save the pindi. He went to the raja and a great marble place of worship was built. One more sanctuary was developed in 1570 and the descendants of Ram Das still participate in the blessed pooja at the mainstream Trilok Temple. 
It has at last risen as a fanciful spot of veneration and many admirers visit this haven throughout the two promising Navaratra fairs. Moreover, the Chaitra Fair is for the most part held throughout March or April. Then again, Ashwin Fair is held throughout the month of September consistently. Nearby vacationers, as well as intercontinental sightseers visit Trilokpur keeping in mind the end goal to investigate these glorious and brilliant fairs. The twin fairs of Trilokpur are naturally checked with a few sweet shops, gaming focuses, nourishment stalls and article of clothing shops. You will have the capacity to investigate astounding neighborhood customary articles of clothing and nourishment of Trilokpur. 
Trilokpur Fair draws in lakhs of travelers from all over India. Both household and worldwide sightseers visit Trilokpur to investigate the twin fairs that are held consistently. Nonnatives get energized when they see the common wonderfulness of the spot coupled with nearby conventions and traditions. Government authorities push the twin fairs genuinely. The primary thought is to showcase the regular quality of Himachal Pradesh together with rich traditions and ceremonies. Trilokpur Fair creates satisfactory income for the locals. This in turns expands the economy of Trilokpur and Himachal Pradesh specifically.

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