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Ugadi Festival in 2021 ยป   13 April

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The expression "Ugadi" has its cause in the Sanskrit word "Yugadi", that signifies 'beginning of another Yuga or period'. This customary celebration is typically celebrated in the second a large portion of March or in right on time April. Individuals from all over Karnataka commend this celebration with much eagerness and mirth. 
Legend Associated with Ugadi 
The famous legend connected with the celebration is that the Lord Brahma began formation of the tremendous universe on the propitious day of Ugadi or Chaitra suddha padhyami. Master Brahma made the days, weeks, months and years to check time and afterward made all different components exhibit in the universe. 
Criticalness of Ugadi 
Ugadi marks a change in the lunar circle and also the start of the new Hindu lunar datebook. It likewise proclaims the approach of spring. The unstoppable force of life gets up from her profound sleep to conceive new plants and spread earth in a cover of green. As spring goes hand in hand with new life on earth, this celebration of New Year goes with an inclination of bliss, development and success. The nine day long spring celebration of Vasanta Navratri starts on this day and finishes up on Ramnavami. 
Ugadi marks the start of another Hindu lunar schedule. It is a day when mantras are droned and forecasts made for the new year. The most essential thing in the celebration is Panchanga Shravanam – knowing about the Panchanga. 
The Panchanga Shravanam is carried out at the sanctuaries by the ministers. When perusing out the yearly figures as anticipated in the Panchanga, the administering cleric helps the members to remember the maker – Brahma, and the compass of making of the universe. 
The perusing of the Panchanga then includes perusing of different Tidhis (fortune and flourishing) throughout the year and closures with h a figure for different segments of the social life and the qualities and impacts of different heavenly bodies and their moves. 
The scriptures state that the profits procured by the audience and also the spectator, are proportionate to having a dunk in the sacred stream Ganges. The people listening to the Panchanga ought to deferentially "thank" the spectator and offer him new garments and look for his endowments. 
Arrangements for Ugadi 
Arrangements for the celebration begin a week ahead of time. Houses are completely cleaned and washed. Individuals purchase new dress for themselves and their relatives to appreciate the soul of Ugadi. They additionally buy a few different things required for the celebration. 
On Ugadi day, individuals get up before the break of first light and clean up. The shower is probably to be taken in the wake of rubbing the whole utilizing sesame 

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