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Although the phenomenon known as the "White Nights" is not unique to St petersburg, in no Petersburg northern city have they received such poetic and literary acclaim. What can be additional romantic than a walk along the banks of the city`s rivers and canals in virtually broad daylight, no matter what the time of day? No different major European city can rival this experience nor the atmosphere on the streets of St. campaign during the summer months - lively, friendly, romantic and active with people throughout the night in addition because the day!
From late could to early Gregorian calendar month the nights ar bright in St Petersburg, with the brightest period, the White Nights, ordinarily lasting from june 11th to july ordinal. The White Nights (Beliye Nochi) area unit a curious phenomenon caused by St. Petersburg s very northerly geographical location - at 59 degrees 57 North (roughly on the same latitude as oslo, Norway, the southern tip of Greenland and Seward, Alaska). St. petersburg is the worlds most northern town with a population over 1 million, and its stands at such a high latitude that the sun does not descend below the horizon enough for the sky to grow dark. actually night becomes curiously indistinguishable from day, most so the authorities never got to turn the citys streetlights on!


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